About Myanmar

About Myanmar

Myanmar that lies right between China and India hosts 60 million people who are the Tibeto-Mongolian stock, colored brown in face generally. The people, mostly dressed in brightly vivid clothes, are friendly, hospitable and generous in spirit.

The location of the country is, nowadays, pivotal in the oriental geopolitics as she falls in among two superpowers in today’s world and some giant nations: India in the west and China in both the north and northeast; the permeable-bordered Bangladesh in the due west; the communist and socialist Laos in the east; and the long-termed, historic rival and partner Thailand in the east and southeast. The coastal appears where she touches with the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in the west and southwest respectively.

The tropical geography is the causal effect of the sultry monsoon with a four-month winter that appears between October and January without any intense extreme in temperature. For being quite a big land in Southeast Asia, the rainfall varies: just 45” in the dry central Myanmar rather differed from annual 200” downpour of the coastal line.

As the wet cultivation was introduced by Mon people, today’s massive ethnic cluster in the nation’s south, during their civilization even before the Burmans’ settlement and that dates back to more than 2000 years ago, Myanmar in the present day relies upon agriculture that has created an agrarian society. The endless rice fields, the high export-tendency-rated teak and the corrugated roof-like forests are said to be the microcosm of Myanmar.

The natural beauty stretches from the southernmost archipelagoes across priceless beaches and jungles up to the due north’s ice-capped mountains, all rich with tremendous bio-diversity. The land is also wealthy of pagodas whose architecture is differentiated into two main types, temples and stupas.

Despite the major religion, Buddhism which arrived in Myanmar after many crusades of its birth place India, there is quite a high degree in freedom of belief that includes Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese Confucius devotion and animism. Across the realm, the most dominant Buddhist population – Buddhism is generally said to be the first arrival in the void of ancient civilizations in the territory around 2000 years ago – shows 89%, juxtaposing with almost 4% each of Christians and Muslims, while the rest is divided to be Hindus and people with other beliefs, 2% and 1% respectively.

Though people say the history was fluctuated through time, the commonest thing remains as monarchy for around 900 years, which rooted in Bagan with the unification of the areas by Anawrahta the first emperor (1044-1077) through bloodshed battles. All about the Burmese monarchy was ended by the effort of the British who committed three waves of wars – the first Anglo-Burmese war occurred in 1824 – with the Burmese kings whose sunset broke out in 1885. They named the country ‘Burma’ that has reached onto the global people’s lips. The British era left the nation, in 1948, with quite developed regal infrastructure, still-alive western-styled laws, well-organized university education, colonial market economy and industrial capitalism. 

The current Myanmar is on the way to democracy of western notion through a harsh experience of military administration, which began shaping the nation to be isolated in 1962, the recent modernization and inevitable urbanization, and the speedy transforms paved in 2010. The bicameral system is being functioned, as the latest result of 2010 mission, with three branches: executive, legislative and judiciary.

Together with the changes that became one of the main topics for the world’s watchers, tourism industry has turned out to be the way to announce Myanmar’s unspoiled splendor, including some world’s heritage sites. The Golden Land, as the nickname goes, with abundant number of pagodas ensures the lowest crime rates on tourists, and they can, thus, enjoy travels without intense care about dangers. In sum, Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a spot of today’s attraction for all kinds of visitors who love nature, culture, trekking, hiking, birding, photography and so on.


At the next door of each of five nations – Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand – in Southeast Asia, touching two waters of Indian Ocean in the west and southwest: Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.


The area shows 676,577 square kilometers – it’s nearly equivalent to the size of United Kingdom and France combined. It’s the largest country in the Southeast Asian community.

Administrative Capital

Nay Pyi Taw 

Commercial Capital

Yangon (Rangoon)


Over 60 million people with 135 ethnic groups.


Buddhism stands alone at the top with 85%, followed by minor communities of Christianity, Muslims, Hindus and Animism.

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Travel Expert Company Limited specialises in adventure travel in the more remote regions of Myanmar.  It has guides who are experts on birds, wildlife, and environmental issues. However, they are also very well - informed on cultural and historical issues.

Barnaby Phillips, Writer &Reporter  London. 

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