Sea, Sun & Sand

Sea, Sun & Sand


ngapali-beach01Ngapali is the most beautiful, popular beach destinations in Myanmar, and among the most attractive beaches in all of Southeast Asia. It is situated on the Rakhine coast, offers an ideal holiday climate. The most beautiful beach with the perfect climate and the relaxed atmosphere makes the beach a favourite vacation spot. It takes about 35 minutes by flight from Yangon and can be reached by car which takes you up in the Rakhine mountain ranges, crossing the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River. This breathtaking stretch of white-sand coastline on the Bay of Bengal offers pristine surroundings, absolute privacy and perfect serenity. Ngapali maintains its reputation as the ultimate unspoiled paradise because it has not been overdeveloped. There is a wide choice of hotel from first class to local standard hotels. Due to being located in the remote area geographically, this beach is undisturbed by


ngwe-saung-beach01Ngwe-Saung beach resort has the shore-9 mile-long beach. It is located just 29 miles from Pathein in the Ayeyawaddy Division. Popular with the travelers who prefer much less crowded beach, clean and white sand, and the crystal clear sea water free of seaweeds. The recent completion of Nga-Wun Bridge also makes it easily accessible by car from Yangon. The long Ngwe-Saung Beach lies between the Bay of Brngal with its unforgettable views at sunset, and the Rakhine Mountain Range with the evergreen tropical rain forests on its slopes. While you stroll along the beach, waves lap on the seaside, and the row of screw-pines sway under the arched coconut trees of the shore side.


chaung-tha-beach01Only 246 km from Yangon-is ChaungTha beach resort located in the Ayeyawady Division, 5 hour drive from Yangon. On the way to the beach, one can feast one’s eyes the vast stretches of lush green paddy field. En route to Chaung-Tha, one can visit Pathein, the capital to the Ayeyawady Division, and try PatheinHalawar. Pathein umbrella is the symbol of the Division. Reaching the Beach, one can enjoy the salubrious breeze crossing long stretching Sea. Surfing over the white-crested waves is unforgettable experience. Pokala Island and Thebyu Island are 5 minute drive by motor-boat. It takes exactly one hour to NgweSaung Beach, the latest beach resort of Myanmar.


Kantharyar is a pleasant beach resort for those who want to get away from the noise, hustle and bustle life of crowded city. Located in Rakhine State, it is only 104-km to the south of Ngapali beach, 200 kilometers from Yangon, can be reached by car in about six hours. You can get by flight to Thandwe, lasting about half an hour and then proceed to Kantharyar by road in three hours drive. On the way to Kantharyar, You can enjoy viewing paddy fields, orchards, and tropical bamboo forests, peaceful and pleasant villages. You can go for a walk along the 2-km-long deserted beach. If you like, hike a small hill. For bird watching enthusiasts, it is an ideal place with tropical birds and migratory ones.


myeik-archipelago01Made up of over 800 islands, the scenic beauty of the Island ranks with the most famous anywhere, and it is one of the world's top ten dive sites. It is interesting for its gorgeous unspoiled scenery and many amazing unexplored dive sites. Magnificent locations regarded as world famous dive sites make these islands ideal for diving. Mergui Archipelago is one of the places for the visitors who want to spend their vacation with snorkeling, kayaking, Scuba Diving, Jungle trekking in the tropical rain forest on the islands, sport fishing, birds and wild life watching and study to the way of life of the Sea Gypsy (Morken) people. The caves, beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, green tropical forest and sea gypsy will make you want to stay a few days. It goes without saying that the diving in and around it is spectacular.

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Travel Expert Company Limited specialises in adventure travel in the more remote regions of Myanmar.  It has guides who are experts on birds, wildlife, and environmental issues. However, they are also very well - informed on cultural and historical issues.

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