Hkakaborazi National Park

Hkakaborazi National Park

hkakaborazi-national-parkIt is situated at Putao Township, Kachin State in the north point of the country.

Being rich in untouched natural diversity, it became the best national park as national heritage in Myanmar. It is famous not jut only in Myanmar but also in Asia. It possess the highest ice mountain, Mt. Hakaborazi, many rare specious of animals, plants, orchids, birds and etc…

It is the best place for hiking and trekking in the natural forest mountain park.

Studying the tradition, culture and life style of highland tribal are other attraction of the park. Recreation at snow-capped mountain, studying mammals and bird species which can be found in high altitude are also high recommended.

Observing 30 mammal species including Red Panda, Takin, Red goral which can be found in East-Himalayan and studying 200 bird species and hill pine forest, evergreen forest, medicinal plants, wild rare orchids will serve you to be in nature paradise.

  • 10 Lampi Marine National Park
  • KawthaungTaninsari Division
  • Observing traditional culture of Salon tribe
  • Observing tropical rain forest ecosystem
  • Swimming, Yachting and surfing snorkeling and scuba diving in the sea
  • Observing mammals birds and reptile species in tropical rain forest
  • Camping in tropical rain forest and walking hiking along the jungle travel and recreation at view points
  • Observing under water view points fish species and coral reefs.


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Travel Expert Company Limited specialises in adventure travel in the more remote regions of Myanmar.  It has guides who are experts on birds, wildlife, and environmental issues. However, they are also very well - informed on cultural and historical issues.

Barnaby Phillips, Writer &Reporter  London. 

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