Pangnandin Village

Pangnandin Village

Tour Info

Trekking to Panandin Village, a small-town-likes a village, PutaoKachin State
( 14 days / 13 nights )

Trip Overview

pangnandin-villageWe do recommend this trip for all travelers who want to visit Hkakaborazi national park in northern Myanmar. Lying in the national park and standing on the bank of a small river, Panandin village is very pleasant and paradise for all nature lovers. In ourexperiences, anglers, insect collectors, orchid hunters and some zoologist, botanic and all nature wonders prefer to do this trip. The well-known botanist F.Kingdon Ward had conducted several floristic surveys since 1937 in the environ of this national park. . On this tour, you can observe the way of life of the ethnic groups namely, Rawan, Lessu, Myanmar-Tibet. And also, wild orchids, rain forest, medicine plants, butterflies, fishes, endemic bird species, wild animals as monkey. Gibbon and etc. will be seen on the tour. The main highlight is that you will be in the would be world heritage site “HkakaboraziNationl Park” and her nature attraction. We designed this trip for all nature wonderers who want to enjoy the nature in Myanmar Himalaya zone by trekking within 2-week trip.


Information Sheet

Tour Code : TEA 013
Grade : Moderate long trekking
Trip Duration : 14 days / 13 nights
Duration on trek 12 trekking days
Max. Altitude : 5000 ft
Average trekking hour per day and distance: It will be about 6 to 7 trekking hours and 9 to 11 miles per day.
Recommend max group site : 10 Pax
Fitness : Long trekkingin the deep forest will make to tire every day.So we do recommend that you should fit for long trekking. If you have some trekking experiences, it will be fine for this moderate long trekking trip.
Time for the trip: From October to April are recommended, the best time will be on November, December, January and February.But you can do this trip for the whole year.
Weather Info: October to April will be hot in the day time but it will be cold in the early morning and late evening. It will be 20oC- 25oC at day time and 5oC to11oC at night time normally. June to September will be rain.
Accommodation: One nights at a hotel or guest house in Putao, 11 nights at local houses and tent in the village and forest. You should prepare to sleep as a mountain people. It will be very simple basic  accommodation facility at all villages.
Bathrooms/shower on trek: Bathroom is not available at all villages. We do arrange to take a bath and watching the cloth at your accommodation place in villages. Everything will be very basic and local standard. Being long trekking adventure expedition, you will back to some century ago.
Meals info: All meals are included in your package.Lunch box is recommended for whole day trekking.
Baggage We do recommend a medium site day back bag for your essential medicine, camera, water, rain cover and etc. Our porters will carry all of your big baggage in which includes all of your personal gears, clothes and etc. But you should pack just essential thing for your trekking days. We do request to leave all rest things do not need for your trekking at our Putao office or at the first village. We will keep all of these in our main locker at our office in Putao.   
Notice : Sand fly and leached will be on your trekking in lowland. It could be rain on trekking days ( 10 % ). Most of the trekking time will be in the rain forest mountain.

To make tour reservation or inquiry for detail information, please Contact Us. One of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.


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Trekking to PangnadinVillage, a small-town-like a village,
( 14 Days / 13 Nights) Trekking Adventure

Day 1.Yangon / Mandalay -Puta O by flight

Upon arrival at Putao airport, you will be welcomed by our representative to pick you up to the downtown of Putao which lies in a flat valley, jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains. After a brief fresh up at a local restaurant, check in for your accommodation.

After take a rest at your hotel or guest house, enjoy scenic driving to Mularshide village. After sightseeing in the village, we will walk on the beautiful bridge which over Mular river. Looking to the snowcap mountain from the bridge will be the best introduction to northern Myanmar. You will see crystal ice white water on the rocky river “ Mular”. Fishing babies, women watching on the stone, bamboo-rafting men, kind fisher and sweet sound of the river will send you to back one century ago. We will make a briefing by having dinner at a local restaurant and night stop will be in Putao.


Day 2 .Putao – Machanbaw-Alangar-Htangar villages by truck ( 38 miles )

The journey full of riding for 38 miles, first to Machanbaw by truck and leave it at Malikha River to take another truck ride along the way up and down over the forested hills, absorbs your interest whilst watching the natural beauty of northern Myanmar with different approach of life of the people. Another experience hits a short happy moment by the time of crossing Htihkha River whose water is icy cold. The interval for lunch is at Alangar Village prior to the up driving towards Htangar Village where at a Kachin traditional house have dinner and night stay. It will be a full day adventure driving along forest mountain range.


Day 3.Htangar – Auriga Camp – Batbaw village –Magweza Camp – Ratbaw village by truck ( 28 miles )

Before lunch that is at Batbaw Village, have an imaginary moment at Auriga forest camp on the bank of Kasnkha River subsequent to the truck trip on the mountain. In the intermission includes a short stop at Magweza for full grasp of used energy prior to the continuity to Ratbaw Village for night stop. The destination for the day program is one of the largest Lizu villages, standing on the mountain, and there sightseeing will provide the view of easy-minded lifestyles of the villagers for the increment of local knowledge. It will be another full day adventure driving in the deep forest. If time permit, you can make short trekking on the way. Evergreen forest, small stream, bird’s call and nature will serve you to be pleasure.


Day 4.Ratbaw village- Shiman village- Gathtu village- Chalka village- Gawle village( 12 miles)

Under the Kachin sun, clasp a leisurely scenic moment through the adventure trekking initiated in the morning, in the famous Hkaborazi national park, and on the way consists of some villages: Shiman Village, Gathtu Village and Chalkan Village which is the most reasonable site for lunch. The easy trek has a good fact for the revelation of the real nature in the forest possessed kinds of wild butterflies and green plants. The arrival at Gawle Village for pleasant night stop ends the day tour program in the evening. Today will be good full day trekking in the nature.


Day 5.Gawle – Shin Chan Khu camp ( 10 miles )

Today you are entering KhakaboRazi National Park.
The morning sun is soft enough for the beginning of the tour program which initiates with the trekking along the river, the only one death-river in the national park; a half-day hiking on the mountain, positioned in the second place of the program, will ensure the satisfaction of the unspoiled beauty of northern Myanmar. The evening arrival at Shin Chan Khu forest camp, situated on the hill side of the dense forest mountain, the most popular for mountain lovers, offers refreshment throughout the bath in a small spring nearby the camp.


Day 6.Shin Chan Khu Camp – Panandin town ( 5 miles trekking )

The morning trekking is in the ascending order on Panandinon Mountain, having an altitude of 7900 ft, and it as a whole is followed by the trek down to the Panandin Village. Looked like a small town on the mountain, it is the farthest place of administration in northern Myanmar. Food and drink in the small-town-like village are available for our long trekking trip. Enjoy the time easily during the sightseeing in the village together with dinner and overnight at a forest building.


Day 7 – 10. Panandin town – Naungmon, the last small administrations town in the nort point of the country

After take a rest at the last village, trek back to Naungmon as previous days as following daily itinerary. Day 8.Panandim- Shin Chan Khu camp - Gawle village (15 miles )
Day 9. Gawle village – Ratbaw village (12 miles)
Day 10.Ratbaw village – Naungmon, a small town ( 8 miles )


Day 11.Nomung, a small town – Maza Camp by 9 mile trekking

The advancement, left Naungmon, in the soft morning sun is begun to the destination along the way across many enjoyable places like Kasan River, which have to cross over a suspension bridge, as well as many paddy fields and a dense forest. Across all of it, enjoy a variety of cultures embracing the nature and wildlife, before the end of the day tour program which will be at Maza forest camp, in the evening, located on the base of the 5000 ft high Barbulone forested mountain beside a small river named Maza.Dinner and overnight at the camp.


Day 12.Maza – Namti Forest Camp by 12 miles trekking

At the beginning of the day, initiate the trek, which takes about two and a half hours, up to the top of Mt. Barbulone, where achieve the moment of the best panoramic view of the mountain full of forests and will see the ice-capped mountain range of Himalayas if fortunately. After the summit-rest, trek again along the downward trend to Namti camp lied at the top of Namti hill to have dinner and night stay after the hard hike.


Day 13.Namti – Kaungmulone – Putao by 11 miles trekking & 12 miles driving by car

It will be your last trekking of your long adventure trip. In the morning, it will be easy down trekking to the village call Namti for 11 miles trekking. Lunch will be on the way and trek down again to the village. On your arrival at the village, we will make a short rest by making a visit to Kaungmulone pagoda which line on the bank of the Malikhariverand proceed to Putao by jeep. Dinner will be at a local restaurant again and night stop will be in Putao.


Day 14.Puta O-Yangon / Mandalay

In the early morning, visit colorful morning market and have breakfast at a local restaurant. After that, visit Hakaborazi and Phoneganrazi national parts wild life education centers and transfer to airport for your domestic flight to Yangon or Mandalay. If time permitted, you can visit a village to observe daily lifestyle of local people.


To make tour reservation or inquiry for detail information, please Contact Us. One of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

Pricing Info

Tour package price :

Based on twin share accommodation in united state dollars.

Based on Pax Tour Price
1 Pax 7040
2 Pax 4340
3 Pax 3800
4 Pax 3440

All of the above mention pricing will validity form 1st Oct, 2015 to 31st May 2016. This pricing is just only for your private tour. If you want to combine with other, the price will be much lower than as mention.We offer optional sightseeingand additional nights at a hotel or guest house in Putao just for our own clients.


Domestic flight fare will be as follow :

Flight Sectors One way ticket pricing
Myintkyina – Putao/Putao -Myintkyina  75$
Mandalay – Putao/Putao – Mandalay  130$
Yangon –Putao/Putao-Yangon  195$

All of the above mention rate will effective from 1st Oct, 2015 to  31st March 2016. 



  • Single Tent
    35 US / tent for your whole trip

Additional Night in Putao

  • One night accommodation at Hotel Putao is 125 USD / 120 USD per room ( Double / Single )
  • One night accommodation at a guest house is 75 USD / 40 USD per pax per room ( Double / Single )


What’s included

  • Official licensed English Speaking tour leader who had already passed international first aid trainee course
  • A local leader who speaks local language and had been many times to your destination
  • Cost of all porters who will carry your properties your trek
  • All accommodation as mention in the detail itinerary
  • All camping facilities and all meals on trek
  • Free drinking water throughout the trek
  • All private vehicles in Putao
  • Travel permit


What’s not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Domestic flight to Putao
  • Visa fees
  • All beverages
  • Tips

Flight exclusive trekking holidays:

We show only flight exclusive package rate on this website based on our experiences. Some of our clients want to buy the air ticket on their own or from their agent. On the other site, they want to take flight from their preferred destinations; Myintkyina, Mandalay or Yangon.  We offer the best airfare rate just for our clients. 


Based on twin share room at hotel and guest house in Putao:

Although hotel accommodation at Putao is offered for your additional night in Putao, we do recommend to stay at local guest houses in Putao to support local people as our mission. All guest houses mention in the web are belong to local community. Staying at one of these two guest house will support local people by promoting responsible tourism in Putao. If you prefer to stay at a guest house, the price will be lower again. For luxury tours and traveler, we offer hotel Putao and Malikha lodge.


Price changes

All the prices mention on our website are correct at the time of mention. And also, the prices may be vary without any notice. But we never change any pricing after making the confirmation of the tour. For our partner and tour operators, we never change the prices ofone year in advance contract.


Important notes for the booking procedure of your trekking trip

We would like to request all of our clients to book this tour at least 90 days prior or more to your arrival date to Myanmar. Less than 90 days will be on request and subject to available of our professional tour leader and accommodation.

Increasing tourist arrival in Putao, you will need to book your tour and flight tickets in advance as early as you can.


To make tour reservation or inquiry for detail information, please Contact Us. One of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

Photo Gallery

Pangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin VillagePangnandin Village

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