Myanmar Festivals

Myanmar Festivals

Myanmar Monthly Traditional Festivals for -2014/2015

Ananda Pagoda Festival (Full moon day of Pyartho)

The festival is arranged in Bagan, the most famous ancient city of Myanmar in the first era of the history of the country, on January 1 of every year. The scene of the monks in a line toward Ananda Pagoda gives us elation that is the essence of the festival. Many beautifully decorated fancy bullock carts carrying the people and the things for donation add the savor of the festival and the tradition of Upper Myanmar. There, it is very excellent for foreigners to view the real the traditions and customs, the donation spirit of the people of Myanmar.

Naga New Year Festival (14th Waning day of Pyatho)

Annually on December 15th (Pyatho in Burmese Month) the festival, the traditional festival of Naga people, is usually celebrated in Kantee, Sagaing Division. For the people who want to visit there to observe and enjoy the festival, they can see the Naga people there with traditional dress interestingly and some, too, dancing holding sabres and spears with full strength. Moreover, while enjoying taking part in the Naga New Year Festival together with them, the situation, cultures and customs of the areas around Naga can be observed.

Kyaik Khaut Pagoda Festival (1st Waxing day of Tabodwe)

There are, in Myanmar, many pagoda festivals concerned with the remembrance of Buddha; Kyaik Khaut Pagoda festival, one of them, within Than Lyin Township, is also famous around Yangon. Every year on the 17th of January - Ta Poe Twe La in Burmese Traditional Calendar - the festival is rejoiced. The pagoda is situated on a hill, and along the way, on that hill, to the pagoda, we can see many shops, including Burmese Traditional operas, and shops where Burmese snacks are sold, are crowded and noisy. In addition, among a very large crowd, Burmese customs and traditions, way of clothing, girls wearing tha-nat-kha - all of them can be visible under the light of night - illuminate the property of the country. One interested in Myanmar history could observe the history of Nat Shin Naung, whom we can say king of Poet Laureate in Myanmar at his time. Anyway, with many interesting things and enjoyable experiences, Kyaik Khaut Pagoda Festival, for guests, can offer pleasant emotion and feeling that cannot be forgotten.

Shwe Set Taw Pagoda Festival (5th Waxing day of Tabodwe)

On every 21st of January, in Minbu Township of Magway Division, a pagoda festival namely Shwe Set Taw in accord with the name of the pagoda is held. It is to open the two stupas built enclosing two foot prints of Buddha. To worship those two foot prints, many people from different places of Myanmar visit the pagoda, Shwe Set Taw, and there colorful cultures, customs and traditions of Burmese people, while walking along the series of shops in the Pagoda festival and seeing Myanmar Traditional handicrafts and snacks, can be enjoyed. While jostling among the vast crowd, visitors can obtain the pleasurable experience of the beauty of the nature having streams and large forests.

Paya Gyi - Maha Myat Muni pagoda Festival (14 Waxing Days of Tabodwe)

At the pagoda namely Maha Myat Muni, one of the most famous ones in Myanmar, in Mandalay, once Myanmar royal capital, on 30th January (in Ta-Po-Twe according to Myanmar traditional calendar) the festival, which is alive with a teeming crowd from many places of Myanmar, is usually held. As the remembrance of the festival, we can buy Mandalay Traditional handicrafts as presents. After visiting Maha Muni Buddha Image, which is very eminent of being wonderful, visitors can go and see many well-know sites such as Mandalay Royal Palace, Mandalay Hill and so on.


Kayin Bonfire Ceremony (Full moon day of Tabodwe)

The Kayin people, one of the ethnic groups of Myanmar, held the festival as their tradition on the fullmoon day of Ta-po-twe, but in some other places the time of the festival is varied. Among them, the campfire festival in Kyone-Doe and Phar-Pon, both are in Kayin State, is distinct. The way of celebrating is interesting: in the evening the trees for the festival are burnt and in that light the participants sing and dance around the heap of burning branches while eating food and snacks. The weather that creates pleasant cool nights also attracts guests including foreigners through the enjoyable feeling.

Shwedagone Pagoda Festival (8th Waning day of Tabodwe)

Lashio Shan-Khite Festival (February and March)

In Shan State, it is a famous one performed by Hindu people, usually rejoiced in February and March. Though it is Hindu traditional festival which is well-known and well-attended by Hindu people, even foreign visitors are interested in it when they are informed about the festival.

Maw Tin Zun Pagoda Festival (1st Waxing day of Tabaung)

The festival is usually held at Maw Tin Zun Pagoda in Pathein on February. The pagoda was put up at the shore line of the sea, and our mind can be refreshed inhaling the fresh air of the sea while going to the pagoda by boat. At the time of the festival, the pagoda is very inspiring of the very bright candle light and pushing among the crowd toward the pagoda along the shoreline and seeing the shops selling Burmese traditional umbrellas, we call them Pathein Hti in Burmese, experiences a person difficult to forget the savor.

Ko Gyi Kyaw Nat Fastival (3rd Waxing day of Tabaung)

Very well known across Myanmar, the festival is celebrated by the people believed in Nat tradition (animism) in Yay -sa -Gyo Pakhan, in Magway Division, on every 17th February. People from all over Myanmar always come to the festival during that time. Interesting wearing styles, spirit mediums dancing with the special music played for Nats at the propitiation of Nats, Nat statues as the same size as man, the amazing wisdom of Nat beliefs make attractive figures for the people in Myanmar and even foreigners.

Chin New Year Festival (6th Waxing day of Tabaung)

On the twentieth of February annually, the new-year festival, on Chin hill, is held in Min-Tat, which is in Chin State. The natural and traditional beauty of Chin people as well as the customs will be seen as a whole for visitors. Delighting in the festival due to the beauty of the context, visitors can also take part in the festival together with the Chin people. Of the festival, many visitors, especially foreigners, who like to take photos and documentary films, and observers have a common view that they all like to enjoy in it that is very colorfull.

Inn Daw Kyi Festival (8th Waxing day of Tabaung)

Held at Inn Daw Kyi Lake near Moe-Hnyin in Kachin State, the date of the festival is 23th February, in Tabaung La of Myanmar traditional calendar. Viewing the biggest lake in Myanmar and its rich natural resources, we can take part in the pagoda festival with full content.

Za Lun Pyi Taw Pyan Pagoda Festival (9th Waxing day of Tabaung)

The time of the festival is in February and the exact date is 23. Many people visit the pagoda to pay obeisance to the amazing Buddha image, according to the history of the image. Within the period of the pagoda festival, it is very crowded together with several shops selling regional products, handicrafts, and moreover, observing the monasteries near the pagoda makes us pleasurable.

Baw Kyo Pagoda Festival (10th Waxing day of Tabaung)

We can participate in Baw Kyo Pagoda Festival, in Shan State, in February especially on 24th. Not just the people from Shan State but also the ones from the middle part of Myanmar take part in that festival. To observe Shan tradition, custom and culture, which are slightly different from the tradition of the middle part of Myanmar, is quite good while celebrating in the festival.

Pindaya Pagoda Festival (11th Waxing day of Tabaung) - (15.3.2011)

The festival is always held in Shan State on every 25th of February. Pindaya is a cave which is wonderful with full of pagodas inside it and beautifully decorated by the nature. The weather and the nature of Shan State, the friendly smiles of the people there make one’s mind fresh while going and seeing in the festival

Shwe Myat Mhan Pagoda Festival (Full moon Day of Tabaung) - (19.3.2011)

In Pyay, people enjoy celebrating Shwe Myat Mhan Pagoda Festival on March 1 annually. People of Buddhist can pay obeisance and others can observe the Buddha image, only one having spectacles, that is very wonderful in Myanmar. The products of Pyay, the traditional handicrafts from various places of Myanmar and the beautiful sight scenes of the city can be experienced.

Bo-Bo-Gyi Nat Festival (28.3.2011) - (9th Waning day of Tabaung)

One of the festivals in Myanmar tradition – we call it “Bo-Bo-Gyi Nat Pwe” – is celebrated on the 9th after the full-moon day of Tabaung, which is the last month in Burmese calendar. Lasted from five to nine days generally, on the first day nats are invited in accordance with the customs; on the second celebration of campfire festivity is performed; on the third day, by the leaders from the villages, nats are worshipped; singing songs for nats is on the fourth; the fifth day is to donate food, and so on. The festival is held in Ahlone, Monywa and is usually visited by many people from different places of Myanmar.

Pili Khat (Hindu Religious Festival) - (March & April)

As the region, the village namely Pili Khat in Kyaut-Tan township, like some other places in Myanmar, is firmly rooted by the religion, Hinduism, in March and April annually, the Hindu religious festival is held with a large amount of people. In the festival, rather unlike Burmese tradition, the scenes of the incredible traditions and customs of Hindu people are visible. Very huge, as a major festival, in Myanmar, a variety of Hindu cultured plays and operas, dance, music and dhamma songs can be enjoyed.

Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival (8th Waxing day of Tagu) – (11.4.2011)

This pagoda festival is held on 24th March every year. The duration of the festival is about thirteen days, within the compound of Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda, one of the most interesting historical sites in Myanmar. It is very well-attended with the people from Bago and other places. While staying in Bago, one can enjoy not only the pagoda festival but also visiting the great palace, Kanbawza Thardi, of King Bayint Nayung.

Thingyan or Water Festival (April-13th to 16th)

All the people across Myanmar celebrate this festival very happily. It is usually celebrated on every April 13, Tagoo La in accordance with the Myanma traditional calendar and lasts three or four days. People from various religious backgrounds can participate in this festival and that is one of the most prominent features of Thingyan. Thingyan dance, Thingyan songs and decorated floats support the beauty of the festival. During the time of Thingyan, the pagodas and monasteries around Myanmar are full of people who are very keen to get merit from doing good deeds of Buddhist religion.

Thanakha-grinding Event (13-4-2011) - (10th Waxing day of Tagu)

Myanmar New Year – New Year’s Day (14th Waxing Day of Tagu) - (17.4.2011)

Almost all Buddhist people in Myanmar usually do new-year rituals, donations and giving sanctuary of animals - in accord with the belief – as good deeds for merits on the 17th of April, Myanma New Year’s Day. Nearly all houses and streets, influenced with the sounds of Dhamma, are full of donors and acceptors. In many festivals –during that time - of giving sanctuary of animals, such as birds, fish, cows and so on, many Buddhist people appreciate performing a variety of good actions. Those accomplishments and the essence can bestow the flavor of Myanma New Year’s Day to the people of taking part in it.

23. Popa Festival (3rd Waxing day of Tagu)

Mount Pope-Par, the oasis of the arid land in the middle part of Myanmar, which is situated near Bagan, in Mandalay Division, and the time of the festival is in April. It is, of course, a very well-attended festival. The region is very famous with Nats, Burmese traditional spiritual beings, and it, in the time of the festival, is alive with special music for Nats.


Oo-Shin-Gyi Nat Pwe (7th Waxing day of Tagu)

In Wat-Kyun and Kyun-Nyo, which are in Bogalay, it is held on the seventh day of the beginning of Kasone. The first day is spent with the invitation of Oo-Shin-Gyi nat; on the second day the people there make a dance of the legend of the nat; and on the final day is sending the nat back. The nat pwe is systematically arranged. People enjoy participating in this event with the pleasant feeling of the beautiful sceneries of Ayeyarwaddy Delta region.

Shitthaung Pahto Festival (Full moon Day of Kason)

At Shitthaung Pahto in Mrauk-Oo, in Rakhine State, in April – on the full moon day of Kasone – the pagoda festival is held by the Rakhine people. The pagoda permeated with Rakhine cultures has interesting architecture, slightly different from other pagodas. One can enjoy and observe the Dhamma songs sung by Rakhine girls and the traditional wrestling and also in the boat-race participate happily.

Nyaung Yay Thun Pwe (Full moon Day of Kason)

Nyaung Yay Thun Pwe, the festival of pouring water on the sacred banyan tree, one of Burmese traditional rituals, is done by the participation of many people at pagodas in Kasone during summer. As the remembrance of the place of Buddha’s enlightenment, Burmese people who accept the belief that pouring on the sacred banyan tree at pagodas is good merit perform taking part in the festival.

Pa-O Firework Festival (Full moon Day of Kasone)

Pa-O people, who live in Shan State, actively participate in the firework festival, which is held on full moon day of Kason, Kasone La in Burmese calendar. Fireworks created by putting gunpowder in bamboo sticks are carried to the festival and while assembling in the field, singing and dancing, the people there launch them as celebrating. They all have a belief that it gets the weather good and crops increased and take part in the celebration while observing the traditions and customs of Pa-O people.

Hindu Religious Festival (Full moon Day of Kasone)

Mawlamyine Kyaut-Ta- Lone (Full moon Day of Kasone) - (17-5-2011)|

Situated thirteen miles far away from Mawlamyine, the capital of Mon State, it is a very famous pagoda festival, namely Kyaut-Ta-Lone Pagoda, held with the vast masses of people on the full moon day of Kasone, the second month of Burmese traditional calendar.

Wah-So Festival (Flower –Picking Ceremony) - (16-7-2011) - (1st Waning day of Waso)

With the participation nearly all Buddhist people in Myanmar, it is held, on 16th of Wah-so – the day after the full-moon day – all around Myanmar, and yet the one in Inn-lay region is the most well-known. There, on that day, the people from the floating villages wonder, by boat, around the lake to take flowers – they all are seen very happy at that time – and then offer them at Phaung-daw-oo pagoda, the only one which is very eminent as everyone in Myanmar knows and has a will to visit. At pagodas, it is claimed being crowded and that all our stress will become faint while participating among the massive attendants with our content mind.

Shwe Kyun Pin Nat Pwe (1st Waning day of Wagaung)

It is well-known as a great festival in Myanmar, and usually held in Min-gun region, Mandalay division. It is, within the festival time, an interesting festival of worshipping nats by ship along Ayeyarwaddy River. People can also be pleased with the pleasant vista along the river together with the nat pwe.

Ka-Htain Pwe Taw (Ka-Htain Festival) - (October &November)

Ka-htain festival involves in many different Myanmar festivals as Burmese people usually celebrate showing their nature of offering. At monasteries all around Myanmar, during such festival period, many tree-shaped stands where various articles of offering are hung can be visible here and there. The stands also are full of valuable things collected from many people in accord with their wish and desire for donation. Within the whole month, people take part in it carrying the tree-shaped stands, some are taken by car and some by themselves, in a teeming crowd toward monasteries.

Taung Pyone Nat Pwe (10th Waxing day of Wagaung)

Taung Pyone nat festival is one the greatest for the people who believe in nats among the festivals in Myanmar. The festival is usually held in central Myanmar, Mandalay division, on the 10th of Wah-khaung. It is a wonderful festival that people carry out worshipping and praying to the two nat-kings – which we call, in Burmese, Taung-pyone-min.

The duration is around six days long, and in those days, the festival is very well-attended as well as very prosperous with special offering for the nat brothers and special music played for them at the time of propitiation. It is also proper for foreign visitors to have photos and documentaries.

Ya-da-na Cave Nat Pwe (10th Waning day of Wagaung)

Started from the 10th day after the full-moon day of Wah-khaung, it lasts for about five days. The place is Amapura region, Mandalay and along the river is full of boats. On the boats, it is crowded with offering, dance and special music for nats. Famous as the mother of Taung-pyone nat festival, it is, in fact in Myanmar, for the people who have a strong belief in the power of nats, one of the greatest festivals.

Phaung-Taw-Oo Pagoda Festival (2nd Waxing day of Thidingyut)

From the first of Thi-din-kyut till 18th, people from all over Myanmar join in the celebration of the festival in Inn-lay lake, which is beautiful with natural resources and the only place the leg-rowing can be seen. Including boat races, which add as a beauty to the festival, it is very interesting for the reason that the Buddha images are taken by carrying on the raft, decorated with the shape of a Burmese mythical bird, which is traditionally rowed by leg. The festival is the most famous in Inn-lay region and the vista of Inn-lay attracts all the visitors together with the pleasant climate condition.

Boat Racing ceremony (September)

Tooth Relic Processing

Boe – Min - Khaung Pwe (2nd waning day of Tawthalin)

For the remembrance of Boe-Min-Khaung, the one famous of having magical power, the festival is celebrated in Mount Popa, a site for ecotourism in Myanmar. The festival is eminent and alive with the teeming crowd as many people from different parts of the country come to it.

Shwe-Zi-Gone Pagoda Festival (From the first of Thidingyut till the 15th)

Usually held in Nyaung Oo, the festival is interesting of the crowd, walking around the pagoda, lighting oil-lamps and candles, with the strong belief of Burmese Buddhist tradition. On the day before the last day of the event, donating food to monks is as usual annually. Also, the circles of bullock-carts, the tradition and customs of the villages in central Myanmar surely fascinates all visitors who are at the festival willing to observe and take part in it.

Mya-Tha-Lon Pagoda Festival (10th waning day of Thidingyut)

The festival is celebrated, like other pagoda festivals in Myanmar, at Mya-Tha-Lon pagoda, which is situated on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy river, in Magway. Always started from the 10th of Thi-din-kyut for 20 days, the festival is alive with the mass of people who are offering nutrients to Buddhist monks as well as 9000 oil lamps to the pagoda, and the view of those enormous lamps creates implausible beauty of the pagoda together with the pleasant night scenes of the Ayeyarwaddy. Massive crowd, Burmese conventional operas and many shops along the lane near the pagoda bestow participants unforgettable motion and experiences.

Wah-Kyut (or) Thidinkyut Festival (14th waxing day of Thidingyut)

It is, actively joined by almost all people around Myanmar, obvious as a festival of lighting lamps. A creed has it that in Buddhist history Buddha had stayed in Ta-wa-tain-thar Nat Pyi, the place of devas in accord with Buddhist people’s belief, for three months, with the purpose to give sermons to the devas there, and after that He returned to earth on the full-moon day of Thi-din-kyut. Buddhists take that event as a remembrance and they, consequently, celebrate the welcome ceremony of coming-back Buddha with lighting lamps. Doing, in addition, good deeds for merits and paying obeisance to elder people by the younger are also performed, during the days of the event, as the firm convention functions in Buddhists’ mind. The vista is incredible of lighting candles, oil lamps and lanterns made of paper at nearly every house and place, also with the beauty of the moon and the fireworks, filling to become more gorgeous.

The Festival of Elephants’ Dancing (14th Waxing day of Thidingyut)

It is a well-known celebration, usually held, on 14th of Thi-din-gyut, the day before the full-moon day, in Kyaut-Se` which is situated in Mandalay division. Though it is called, in Myanmar, elephants’ dance festival, it is not actually performed by elephants, but by men who stay inside elephant statues, made of clothes. Seeing and feeling the dance of elephants, amongst Myanmar traditional orchestras and the sound of open-ended drums with a long body, the festival is eminent, around Myanmar, among Myanmar people and even a fascination for foreigners who will surely have an interest in it by the time of observing it.

Ta-Wa-Tain-Thar Pwe (Full moon day of Thidingyut)

The full-moon day of Thi-din-gyut is, for the people in Pathein, the capital of Ayeyarwaddy division, the time of enjoying the event of lighting oil lamps as a welcoming ceremony of the remembrance of Buddha, in accordance with the Buddhist belief, who came from Ta-wa-tain-thar, the place of devas, which we call nat, on this day. Using the pictures of steps to express the way He came back to earth from the devas’ place, the people there create a beautiful night by paying obeisance to the coming-back Buddha with a lot of oil lamps as well as various colors of electric bulbs.

Kyaik Hti Yo Festival (Full moon day of Thidingyut)

Tha-Nat-Khar Festival (Full moon Day of Thidingyut)

Only in Saw city, in Magway division, on every full moon day of Thi-din-ut in accordance with Burmese calendar, the festival is held by the people who are very interested in Tha-nat-khar, Burmese traditional makeup worn on cheeks, and it can grasp the interest of visitors. All the streets, monasteries and pagodas are illuminated with oil lamps and the festival is so alive with a very large crowd. During the time of the festival, people who visit it can experience the exude fragrance of Tha-nat-khar.

Kyauk-Taw-Gyi Pagoda Celebration (14th waxing day of Thidinkyut)

Annually on the 14th of Thi-din-kyut, at Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda in Mandalay, it is held partaking by huge amount of audience. Kyauk-Taw-Gyi Buddha image, which was sculptured from only one vast marble stone was donated by King Min-Don, the famous one in Burmese history who was very keen in religious affairs, in 1864. Being kept going for 14 days, the celebration is one of the enjoyable festivals of Buddhist people in Myanmar.

Mee Mhyaw Pwe (Light Float Festival) (1st Waning Day of Tha-din-kyut)

The festival is celebrated in Shwe Kyin, the city in Bago Division, on 25th October. Everywhere in the city is lustrous with open oil lamps and alive with a teeming crowd, of people enjoying traditional dance. Open oil lamps are floated in Shwe-Kyin canal, with the intention paying obeisance to Shin-oo-pa-guta, a very famous monk around 2000 years ago.

Kyaik-Kha-Mi Pagoda Festival

Usually celebrated in Thi-din-kyut and Ta-saung-mone in accord with the Burmese calendar, the festival is very crowded with the people from all around Myanmar. During the festival, people enjoy participating many kinds of activities and for all the Buddhist people in Myanmar it is a sacrosanct festival.

Ka-Htain Pwe Taw (Ka-Htain Festival) - (Thidingkyut-Tazaungmon)

(1st Waning Day of Thidingyut to Full moon Day of Tazaungmon)

Ka-htain festival involves in many different Myanmar festivals as Burmese people usually celebrate showing their nature of offering. At monasteries all around Myanmar, during such festival period, many tree-shaped stands where various articles of offering are hung can be visible here and there. The stands also are full of valuable things collected from many people in accord with their wish and desire for donation. Within the whole month, people take part in it carrying the tree-shaped stands, some are taken by car and some by themselves, in a teeming crowd toward monasteries.


Hot Air Balloon Festival (Taunggyi) (10th Waxing day of Tazaunmone)

Launching hot air balloons to the sky makes the people very happy in that festival, the famous and prominent one held in Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State, in November annually. The nights of the festival are bright with luminous balloons, rising up to the sky, and it is good to gaze for visitors. Sparklers linked with the balloons also fill the essence of the festival. The participation of visitors can become active in the mist of winter. 


Ma-Thoe Robe Weaving Competition

Overnight, on 14th of Ta-saung-mone in Burmese traditional calendar, at Shwedagon, Batataung, Kyaik-ka-san and some other famous pagodas in Yangon, the competition occurs as people celebrate with the purpose to donate robes resulted from it to the Buddha images there, as a lovely custom. In the contest, audiences in groups, many offering food and drink, as well as the beauty of the night scene of the pagodas which are luminous fascinate all visitors, even foreigners, to become amazed. Offering reward, as it is a sort of struggle, is to the group which is the first finished weaving the robe, and before dawn donating those robes - from the competition – to the Buddha images is performed. Among them, the contest at Shwedagon pagoda, which is assumed as the significant icon of the country, is the most famous of all. After donation, at dawn, the whole competition is finished on the full-moon day of the month.

9000 Oil Lamps Celebration

At Koe-htet-kyi pagoda – it means nine-storey pagoda though there are not nine slices – in Yangon, the great and famous ceremony is held paying obeisance to the Buddha image by lighting 9999 oil lamps on the full-moon day of Ta-saung-mone, which is after Thidingyut in Burmese calendar. Observing among the teeming crowd at the festival, taking photos and documentary films are better carried out at such period.

Hindu Sacred Bathing Festival

In Hindu term, it is named as bathing in Ganges River, one of the most important rivers in India, but the ceremony, in Myanmar, is celebrated using the rivers, Ayeyawaddy and Sittaung.

Kaung Mu Taw Pagoda Festival (Full moon Day of Tazaungmone)

Usually celebrated on the full moon day of Ta-zaung-mone in Burmese calendar, the festival is alive with well-attended crowd and all the people during the festival are seen donating such as open oil lamp, food and so on. Many other people from the villages nearby and decorated bullock carts in a line can also be visible and such scenes offer the flavor of pleasure to the visitors.

Hindu Sacred Bathing Festival (Full moon day of Tazaunmone) Pilikhant

As the region, thve village namely Pili Khat in Kyaut-Tan township, like some other places in Myanmar, is firmly rooted by the religion, Hinduism, in March and April annually, the Hindu religious festival is held with a large amount of people. In the festival, rather unlike Burmese tradition, the scenes of the incredible traditions and customs of Hindu people are visible. Very huge, as a major festival, in Myanmar, a variety of Hindu cultured plays and operas, dance, music and dhamma songs can be enjoyed.


Kayin New Year Day (1st Waxing day of Pyartho)

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