Myanmar Travel Tip

Myanmar Travel Tip

Currency Exchange

Currency exchange in Myanmar is getting easier as the service is available nearly all around the nation. Banks are liberal nowadays with transparent everyday market rate for exchange between kyats (local currency) and dollars. Numerous small private exchange firms have appeared for money switching with the same exchange rate as banks’ during these years as soon as the foreigners’ way to Myanmar was opened in 2010. However, only three main currencies (US dollars, EURO bills and Singapore dollars) are accepted at all the exchange counters in Myanmar. Plus, the most important thing is all the foreign bills have to be very new without any fold, spot, stain and being torn. During your travel in Myanmar, you require Myanmar currency notes for all kinds of use and food.


Credit Cards & Traveler’s Cheques

International credit cards (more widely VISA and MASTER cards) are accepted quite widely around Myanmar. This new tradition of cards is more compatible with modern traveling. But we’d like to recommend that US citizens should bring cash if possible for the reason that cash machines don’t let money go out for US credit cards sometimes.


What to wear

It’s an issue in Myanmar as the nation is dry for eight months between October and May and the climate is hot and humid during summer that falls between February and May. Basically, there is no need to carry heavy jackets. We’d like to suggest that every visitor to Myanmar should be with light clothes during summer and with sweaters for winter travel. Clothes have to be big and long enough to cover shoulders and knees at all religious places, you would, otherwise, not be allowed for entry according to culture. As pagodas and monasteries cover all sorts of itineraries and these sites never allow people for any foot wears including socks as well, easy foot wears such as slippers (thongs in Australian term and flip-flops in American term) or sandals without socks are recommended for both men and ladies.


There are four main modes of transportation in Myanmar: air courses, train circuits, car/bus networks and cruising up and down. Every sector is improving as the tourism steps bigger foot on Myanmar’s soil every year. The tarmacs of flight are in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Heho(Inle Lake), Kyaingtong, Tachileik(at Thai border), Myitkyina and Putao(close to ice-capped mountains and Myanmar’s highest peaks). Myanmar’s trains flock together in Yangon Central Railway Station (the main station in the nation) and crawl around across junction areas with trade like Mandalay and Bago. They never run with bullet speed but gallop with diesel engine pull whose speed shows approximately 40 miles per hour. Car complex goes to everywhere on much better highways than before 2009 when the nation was strongly isolated from outside world. River cruising is also developing and recommended for deluxe tours along Yangon River, gorgeous Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) River and Chindwin River. Remote areas, however, are still limited from foreigners’ approach and you need to apply for permission at the organization which concerns for access and viewing distant tribes. Travel Expert Tourism Company provides all forms of transportation services (including applying for agreement for far-flung zones) for smooth and pleasurable trips around the green nation.



There are several hotels, with both international and local standards. Hotels with international standard are available in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and the Golden Rock. Hotels are also in every type. The choice of luxurious or modest accommodation is possible, depending upon your budget. Accommodations in remote areas are on very simple basis.

Food & Water

Myanmar cuisine is neither too chili-hot like Thai food nor too sweet in taste like Chinese cooking. Despite the fact, Burmese people are quite familiar with using spices, pepper, onions and turmeric power in cooking, based in making mixture dishes of meat and native vegetables. Located in the junction between China, India and Thailand, Chinese food, Indian dishes and Thai version cooking are served at hotels and cities’ restaurants together with European cuisine.

Tap water does not fit for drinking, but only for rinsing your mouth and washing purpose. Purified water in sealed bottles, recommended for drinking, is easily available at shops and stores. During trekking and hiking in remote and mountainous areas where purified bottle water is impossible, people should swallow only boiled water. 


You’ll probably wish to take many pictures as a record of your trip. Please note: taking photographs in airports, railway stations and near any military installation, of evidences of poverty is forbidden. For close-shots, be sure to obtain permission from local people before taking their pictures. Camera equipments are available in large cities like Yangon and Mandalay. If possible, take plenty of films, for not being available locally.

Cultural Information

There is no restriction on clothes. But, with Buddhism having a great influence on the daily lives of Myanmar people, visitors are required to wear proper clothing within the precincts of religious building. Ladies should not wear shorts and bra-less/ sleeveless buses or T-shirt in such places. people. Whenever entering religious grounds, never fail to remove your shoes, sandals and socks.

Language services

Although tours are conducted in English, other languages are available on application such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and etc.

Motion Picture

Foreign pictures are usually shown with the English and their respective original sound tracks. Movie performances are not continuous. All first class theaters in most large cities are air-conditioned.


Myanmar traditional music can be heard only on some occasions but Karaweik Hall (restaurant) provides you an excellent chance to enjoy the Myanmar traditional music and dances during dinner.

Shops and Stores

Stores are opened daily from 8:30 A.M to 9:00 P.M. In the main cities of Myanmar like Yangon and Mandalay, there are stores selling most of the required commodities. Myanmar arts and crafts, mostly hand-made, are the best souvenirs at reasonable prices. Lacquer wares, wood and ivory craving, tapestries, brassware, silverware, silk, cotton, traditional garments and gems are items of interest. Bogyoke Aung Sun Market (Scott Market) is the best place for one-stop shopping. 

Health Requirements

At the time of printing there is no necessity to obtain any special inoculations or vaccinations for Myanmar (Burma) unless coming from infected areas. You should bring a first-aid kit, sunscreen, insect/ mosquito repellent and any special medication you may require.

Electric current

Electricity is 220-230 Volts AC in most areas. Check at your hotel before using your electrical appliances.


International and domestic fax, E-mail and calls are available at most hotels and in big cities. Internet access centers mushroom in most major tourist spots of Myanmar. But your global mobile phone can’t be used in Myanmar. The international telephone code for Myanmar is +95.

Medical Facilities

There are private hospitals where good doctors are in attendance in large cities.

Airport Tax

Airport tax is US$ 10 per person on international departure.

Meeting on arrival

After passing airport immigration and customs control points, travelers will be met by our representative or guide in arrival hall, displaying our company signboard or the name of guests or your group so as to recognize easily.


Myanmar being one of the friendliest and safest travel destinations in the world, there is no racism or violence in Myanmar but tourist police forces are newly set up for security and helping the visitors effectively.

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Our Clients Comments

Travel Expert Company Limited specialises in adventure travel in the more remote regions of Myanmar.  It has guides who are experts on birds, wildlife, and environmental issues. However, they are also very well - informed on cultural and historical issues.

Barnaby Phillips, Writer &Reporter  London. 

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